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Covid-19 Updates -June 30, 2021

To Our Partners and Clients

Hello clients and County Partners, it is so good to hear we are in turquoise! – While the State approaches more normalcy, all we can do is- continue to practice safe and smart habits at all our of sites for all of our clients.

Desert View Values:

  1. Clinic Clients: Beginning Monday, July 5th we will go back to mostly in person. While Medicaid and Insurance will be honoring Telemed sessions for an additional amount of time (September of 2022), we do encourage the importance of face to face appointments, however this will be a case by case discussion between you and your therapist.
  2. If you a have: a) canceled last minute or no showed for your Telemed appointments, b) or have been preoccupied on your Telemed sessions and your therapist has had to end the call or you have been warned of this, all of your your future visits may require face to face visits only or possible discharge.
  3. We have an extreme waiting list and if a client is not going to value this allotted time- we have others (who are waiting) who will.
  4. Family Support Workers (In Home), Wraparound Services, Truancy Services and Community Corrections, (All Youth Services) will have the ability to return to the field to practicing covid safety protocol (both client and worker). Most of our workers are fully vaccinated.

We are truly grateful for your support and partnership during this time.

As an essential provider we will continue to earn your trust by utilizing best practices through these uncertain days that finally seem to be getting better!

Here is your good health and better days for all!

Thank you so much for continuing to trust us with the care of you and your family!

Rick Quevedo, CEO

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