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About Us
Our Clinicians

  • Linda Wiebe, NCC, LPCC
  • Shaula Begay, LPCC
  • Amy Hackmeier, LMSW
  • Michelle Pistol, LMHC
  • Diana Bauer, LMHC, LADAC
  • Cinda Valentine, LISW
  • Chris Stickler, LCSW

​Desert View Family Counseling’s has a vision to provide appropriate, compassionate, and client-centered care to individuals suffering from mood disorders including depression and anxiety.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to treating trauma, depression and other disorders. The staff at Desert View Family Counseling Services believe that it is necessary address all problems affecting the patient.

We work closely with patients and their families to create a personalized treatment plan. Every treatment utilizes intervention techniques and tools to help our patients live productive, fulfilling lives.

Desert View Family Counseling has several clinicians with masters degrees. All of our staff are closely supervised to ensure they provide the necessary level of care. We make sure that our staff members comply with all applicable federal and state codes, standards, and regulations. This also includes HIPAA confidentiality laws. Our clinicians take our patients’ privacy very seriously. They all have the necessary licenses to offer services in the State of Mexico.

Many of our patients are referred by community resources, law enforcement and judicial courts. These are cases are treated very sensitively and can and Desert View Family Counseling does everything possible to guarantee their confidentiality.