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Alyssa Butler

LMHC ‐ Therapist

Alyssa graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from The School at the Art Institute of Chicago and a Master of Arts in Art therapy and Counseling. Alyssa uses art therapy to help people of any age to express emotions through creative means. Alyssa likes to incorporate all forms of art including but not limited to: clay, acrylic and watercolor paint, collage, found objects, colored pencils, chalk, and puppet making. Alyssa incorporates mindfulness techniques and other calming exercises to help clients learn how to regulate their emotions in healthy and safe ways. Alyssa enjoys helping the clients she works with to build confidence in themselves and help them find creative solutions to whatever they are experiencing. Her goal is to empower clients to improve their quality of life and resilience through skill building and deep personal growth.