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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Are we a Psychiatrist or Psychologist?

  • A. Yes, we specialize in outpatient behavioral health however we do have a nurse practitioner who see's patients ages 18 and up for monthly medicine management. If you need to be seen sooner we do work closely with several other psychiatrist or psychologist who provide medication management.

Q. Why do people seek Mental Health Assistance?

  • A. People seek mental health assistance for a variety of reasons; for themselves or their families; for home or work relationship issues; for feeling uncomfortable or on edge; for personal tragedy, long-lasting discouragement, or depression; for child or teen behavior or discipline issues, and many other reasons.

Q. Will I see a Therapist on my first visit?

  • A. Typically not on your first visit. Your first visit is usually initial paperwork called an “intake”.

Q. What if I am CRISIS?

  • A. We do offer crisis slots and coordinate services with San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Room. If you are in crisis please disclose this information to the attendant taking your call.

Q. What should I expect at the first appointment?

  • A. The information requested of you within the Intake paperwork may seem extensive. Please know that we are only asking information that is necessary for either your insurance company, to see if you are eligible for funding assistance toward your services and/or to assist us with your current symptoms and treatment options.

Q. What happens after my first appointment?

  • A. Once all intake paperwork and required testing is complete (anxiety and depression scale) and a SASSI (substance abuse screening) the results will be analyzed, and then our staff will schedule you an “assessment” appointment with a therapist, at which time they will sit down with you and discuss treatment options in detail.

Q. What happens if I’ve had an assessment elsewhere?

  • A. If you have had an assessment in the last year from another provider it is helpful if you bring a copy with you on your first appointment. If you do not have a copy of it, we will have you sign a release of information, giving us permission to request a copy from your previous therapist.

Q. How long will my treatment take?

  • A. Since behavioral health is a complex and individual problem, the length and type of treatment varies from client to client. In some cases therapy may be short term; in other cases, therapy may require more time.

Q. Can I be late to an Appointment?

  • A. It is required that you check in 10 minutes prior to a regular office visit. If you are having an assessment done we may ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. We ask that you come in prior to your scheduled time so that the appropriate administrative and clinical paperwork can be completed and ready for your session. Failure to arrive at the requested time may result in cancellation of your appointment.