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Medication Management

Counseling Services provides limited access to a nurse practitioner for mental health concerns. The nurse practitioner has the ability to prescribe medication, as well as manage currently prescribed medication. However, a client needs to have an ongoing relationship with a counselor on staff and must be referred by that counselor (or a primary care physician) to the nurse practitioner. Medication works best in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an appointment with the nurse practitioner?

To get an appointment with the nurse practitioner your counselor must refer you. Please see our new patient page if you are not currently a client.

Will the nurse practitioner know what I’m working on in counseling? Will my counselor know what I have discussed with the nurse practitioner?

Yes. Our clinicians work together with the nurse practitioner to monitor each client’s progress and concerns.

Is there any cost to meet with the nurse practitioner?

Just as psychotherapy, we take Medicaid and most insurances which can cover your visit. However, if you are prescribed a medication it is your responsibility to cover that cost.


Terri Fortner | Nurse Practitioner

All consultations with the nurse practitioner are confidential. The nurse practitioner will not release any information without your written consent. However, if you are prescribed a medication that requires your insurance to be billed, this is shared information with your coverage.

What can I expect from the nurse practitioner?

Our nurse practitioner provides a psychiatric evaluation for mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, bipolar, and ADD/HD. A plan for medication management along with collaboration with a therapist will be discussed with you.