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Truancy Court

What is Truancy Court?

San Juan County Truancy Court supports student accountability by providing support, structure, resources, and accountability for students (and their parents) who struggle with chronic tardiness or absenteeism or behavioral infractions.

San Juan County Truancy Court (which is a program of Desert View Family Counseling) has been serving Students and families in our community since 2008.

Truancy Court is a first-time offenders program with alternative sentencing. No Opportunities Wasted (N.O.W.). All substance cases will have an assessment, drug testing, possible counseling, and classes.

Students are referred to us by the Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield and Kirtland Schools.

About Truancy Court


  • An unexcused absence from school or excessive (10 or more) excused absences from school
  • States enact school attendance laws which determine:
      • the age at which a child is required to begin attending school
      • the age at which a child may legally drop out of school
      • the number of unexcused absences which make a student legally truant
      • In many states, youth missing more than 10 days of school are required to repeat the entire school year.
  • Truancy is a major problem nationwide, yet states do little to prevent it and little to re-engage truant youth.

Children who are truant are more likely to:

    • Have lower grades
    • Be suspended or expelled
    • Drop out
    • Be delinquent
    • Be unemployed after age 18
    • Cost the community a lot of resources

Ja’Nece Avery


Responsibilities of Student Defendants.

  • The student must appear at the truancy hearing with his/her parent, guardian, or custodian.
  • The student must complete his/her requirements within the time frame given (usually 60-90 days depending on the case).
  • Students must follow the Truancy Court rules of conduct.
  • The student must not commit any other offenses or behavioral infractions while on Truancy Court.

New Student Court Referrals

Parent or guardian will be sent a summons in the mail for a specific date to meet with our Truancy Court Officer. During that time, the rules and expectations are discussed as well as filling out all paperwork pertaining to your case. If you know that you have been referred and have not yet received a summons please contact us. The student must have parent or guardian with them!

Current Student Court Clients

Remember to check in weekly! You can do this by calling or texting.
Grade Tracking Forms can either be dropped off or emailed to Ja’Nece at janece@mydesertview.org


These need to be turned in every week.