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Wraparound Services

Wraparound is Comprehensive, Accessible, Responsive, Effective and Strengths-Based.

Wraparound is a youth and family-driven, solution-focused process.

  • It utilizes the strengths of a child and family as well as their supports to create an individualized plan.
  • This plan is designed to meet the family’s needs and reach their desired outcomes.
  • Wraparound is very individualized, and places families and youth in the driver’s seat.
  • They determine what is ultimately best for their family.
  • Wraparound acknowledges the role that system advocates (e.g. juvenile justice, protective services) may be playing in the family’s life.
  • These advocates help them create strategies that meet the needs of those involved.
  • Through partnering with and truly listening to the youth and family, facilitators of the Wraparound process bring together a team of people to come up with ways to provide real help to the family that will last beyond their time with formal system involvement.