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Sharon Green, LMSW

LMSW ‐ Trauma Informed/ Multisystemic Therapy, Etc.

Sharon Green, LMSW is a professional licensed (clinical) Social Worker. Sharon's experience includes intense, community-based, family-involved treatment for young individuals and their family members who have had legal involvement as well as potential substance use issues. She also focuses on trauma therapy for adolescents and adults, Individual psychotherapy for couples and family therapy, and hopes to empower her clients to overcome past and present struggles so they can live a healthy emotional and spiritual lives. Sharon believes in working in partnership with her clients, to utilize their own "natural strengths" (whether it be physical strengths, or support systems to include family, friends, etc. or a work or school environment- or faith or spirituality) - all these natural strengths can help a client separate their challenges and begin to achieve goals. Her theory is individuals who have the motivation to improve and courage to seek growth through vulnerability and hard work can accomplish all the goals they desire.