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Here are some vital mental health tips as students get back to class:

1. Change can be a trigger. The first time your child is on their own this can be a really overwhelming feeling.  This major change can bring out a child's first episode of a mental health disorder or cause a lot of anxiety and/or nervousness.  As a parent it is important to have a healthy way to help your child deal with this change by talking about emotions and fear your child may be facing;  depending on their age, perhaps help them writing about their feelings, or and outdoor activity with them, even exercise if appropriate. 

2. Your Child Needs Lots Of Sleep. 
The brain doesn’t fully mature until the age of 25. Getting more than six hours of sleep helps the brain continue to develop, allows a student to retain more knowledge, and provides better health overall especially for a developing and growing child.

3. Think About How Your Child Copes.
 The ways that children cope with difficult events like rejection, loss and change can carry into their future education. The longer a child uses a negative coping mechanism the harder it can be to change.  As a parent it is important to recognize these negative methods and help the child develop healthier ways to cope with life’s challenges.

4. If Your Child Has a Mental Health Disorder Have a Plan.
 For children that already have a diagnosed mental health disorder, it’s vital to know what support they need while in school. If you child does not already have a mental health professional, this would be a good first step. Have regular check ins with your child's teacher to monitor any changes. Try to normalize mental health as a part of your child's life rather than solely focusing on or isolating the mental health disorder itself.

5. Let Your Child Make Mistakes.  Children  feel a lot of pressure to never mess up or fail, but those experiences are a part of life and can help your child to  become much stronger. As a child goes through a process of learning about themselves, mistakes are bound to happen. The best way to achieve positive mental health is to help your child learn from past mistakes.

Providing Crisis Support, Prevention and Recovery Services

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals and families in our community. We are a non-profit professional counseling agency offering individual, group, and family counseling, specializing in trauma, family and court ordered services. 

We are proud to provide family centered services that offer an array of traditional and alternative approaches to clinical treatment. We are dedicated to providing the best treatment possible to the families of Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield, Durango, Shiprock, and the other surrounding communities.


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