Juvenile Community Corrections (JCC) Farmington & Gallup

Juvenile Community Corrections (JCC) is an alternative program for youth who are on probation or supervised release; our goal is to provide services to assist the adjudicated youth so he or she successfully completes their probation or release requirements and they have a positive discharge out of the juvenile system.

Program referrals made to JCC are from juvenile probation officers, district court judges, district attorneys, public defenders, private attorneys, juvenile correctional facilities or the CYFD supervised release panel.

The program utilizes a team approach which includes the client, family, JCC-contracted agency, local public schools staff, juvenile probation officers and other significant individuals in the client’s life.

The program provides participants with program services based on the client’s individualized needs but focuses primarily on teaching life skills (job search support, social skills development, school support and tutoring, and other services offered within the community) so that the youth can learn how to appropriately and responsibly manage their affairs.

Transportation may also be available.

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