CARE (Community Assisted Rehabilitation Effort)

What is Community Assisted Rehabilitation Effort?

C.A.R.E. (Community Assisted Rehabilitation Efforts), CARE is Desert View’s newest program design to assist those who struggle with their daily needs and who also live with serious mental illness and have minimal natural supports. This is a hands on program assisted by a team of CARE Coordinators that will make sure the clients will receive a continuum of services that is best practice for each individual client.

CARE helps the client take care of their basic needs. These needs can include helping with ADL’s, keeping their appointments, helping with transportation, and having medications delivered to them daily.

CARE can assist with:

  • Crisis Assessment and Intervention
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Individual therapy and support groups
  • Medication Management

Side by side assistance with activities of daily living
Intervention with support networks (family, friends, landlords, neighbors, etc.,)
Substance abuse and addiction treatment
Support services, such as prescription, administration, and mentoring

How does CARE compare with traditional treatment?

CARE is a new program with services aligned to help support clients living individually within the community. The hope is clients would spend less time in hospitals, treatment centers, jail, and other outside home placements. This program can assist clients in:

  • Keep their jobs
  • Experience more positive social relationships/ support system
  • Having more satisfaction with life
  • Minimizing mental health symptoms
  • Improving financial capabilities

How does CARE work?

A Team Approach

Psychiatrists, nurses, mental health professionals, substance abuse specialists, employment specialists, and housing specialists, are all part of the CARE team. They give clients ongoing, individualized care. They provide wrap-around services to clients with the most complex and persistent needs.

Services when and where they are needed. Members receive CARE services in their homes, where they work, and in other community settings. They can get help anywhere problems occur or where support is needed.

Personalized Care

CARE Coordinator work with various resources. They match supports and services for each individual.

No Time Limit on Support

CARE Coordinator give whatever services and supports they need for as long as they need them.

Continuous Care

All CARE team members work with each member on a regular basis.

Flexible Care

CARE teams fit their schedules around members’ needs.

Comprehensive Care

CARE teams provide many services to help meet members’ needs.
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