Family Reunification Services (FRS)

Family Reunification Services (FRS)

  • Family Reunification Services is to help ensure the safe return of a children to their family of origin, fictive kin, and anyone pursuing guardianship for children who are in foster care placement.
  • FRS will use a three tier model of supporting the family referred.
  • The model includes: Family establishing goals, Families consistently engaged and achieving goals, and finally family goals are achieved and children are safe.


  • Families who have children returning home from Foster Care or other out of home placements who are reunifying with their parents, other family members, or fictive kin, or anyone pursuing guardianship.

Duration and Referral process

  • FRS should begin at least two to three months prior to trial home visits, and may continue for up to 6 months after. Total of 9 months.
  • Referrals will come from Permanency Planning through CYFD (Children’s Youth & Families Department).
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